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About Us
Juicy Promotions is really about YOU, the client. More than that, our work is about your positive experience and satisfaction . . . exceeding YOUR expectations.

At Juicy Promotions we believe in ‘happily ever afters’ and strive to give you the event that dreams are made of.

Who we Are
Juicy Promotions is a dynamic marketing and events company located on the North Coast. We specialize in event staffing as well as co-ordinating and managing a wide variety of promotions and events.
We partner with you to design and deliver experiential marketing initiatives for brands. We offer value for money and guarantee professional and creative results and solutions. Our dedicated team aims to provide the highest quality representation to its brands, and outstanding service to its clients. We strive to become indispensable business partners, sharing in our clients’ success, and helping them achieve tangible results.

What we believe
We believe in personal attention and customer-focus with emphasis on the details. Long term relationship building is key, and we constantly endeavor to have the best, most consistent promotional and marketing talent available.

Marketers spend a lot of time, effort and money attempting to get their advertising just right. The right message, the right director, the right cast and the right lighting. Juicy Promotions believes in putting the same effort into identifying the right talent for your events and promotions. We identify talent based on their attributes and experience to sell your product or brand to your target consumer.

We believe all media is social, marketing is about conversations and that in a world where advertising messages are everywhere and the consumer often gets overwhelmed and bombarded, people will always be the best medium.

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